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Highest quality standards to ensure accurate and reliable products

Combining the latest technology and methods with rigorous quality control.

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Delivery network operating across Australia to provide nationwide delivery

Same day dispatch - Next day delivery Policy

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Exceptional affordability in our pricing.

At OmegaVet, Highest quality medications are within affordable reach

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Cutting edge technology in our Compounding facility

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OmegaVet produces customised medications that are tailored to meet the specific needs of animals. Our experienced team can create alternative medication forms that are easier to administer, such as transdermal patches, medicated ear drops, or topical creams.

Vets can register for exclusive pricing and access to our online ordering platform. Registered vets can sign up and receive instant access to our large range of products. We service veterinary practices of all sizes and our ordering process is simple, secure, and cost effective.

Delivery and Dispatch

At OmegaVet Compounding we understand the importance of receiving your orders in a timely and efficient manner. That’s why we are proud to offer our Next Day Delivery commitment.

Why Choose OmegaVet Compounding Pharmacy?

We’re animal lovers!

To us, that means connecting quality with speed and accuracy so our clients, the furry and not-so-furry ones, can do what they do best—enjoy a life of health and wellbeing.


We’re AHPRA-accredited pharmacists/technicians and deliver high-quality medications that meet and exceed industry standards. We combine the latest technology and methods with rigorous quality control.

Our pharmacy operates with transparency and ethical practices aligned with laws and regulations governing compounding of medications in Australia.


Expect same-day dispatch/delivery (orders before 9am) and next-day delivery (orders after 9am) for Sydney metro and express delivery for all regional areas of NSW.

Our high-quality products are met with speed so animals in need have the best chance of good health and wellbeing.


Every pet is unique with specific health conditions and individual needs. We specialise in customised medication solutions for all pets.

Our exceptional customer service and close work with pet owners and veterinarians further ensures that every pet’s unique needs are met.

OmegaVet pet compounding Laboratory

Our veterinary compounding lab is designed specifically for the preparation of customised medications for animals. Read more about our lab here.

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